Vertical bench for fire tests of rocket engines

Department of power plant thermogas dynamics

Head of department – D.Sc., Professor Hennadii O. Strelnykov


  • Fire tests of solid fuel engines with thrust up to 20 kN;
  • Research of the efficiency of the thrust vector control bodies in full-scale conditions;
  • Research of combustion of monofuel compositions based on hydroxylammonium nitrate.
General view of the bench

Components of the bench:

  • Concrete pit with slab;
  • Frame with telpher;
  • Digital data collection system;
  • Digital stand control system;
  • Video recording equipment.

Key parameters

Maximum thrust20 kN
Pressure in the combustion chamber of LPRE15 MPа
Fire tests: a) solid propellant engine with a thrust of 5000 N;
Fire tests: b) monofuel model;
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