Technology and means for hydrodynamic oil-well stimulation

Equipment layout and schematic of the action of the pressure pulses at the outlet of the high-frequency pulse generator on the well walls at the productive stratum level

1 – productive stratum; 2 – high-frequency pressure pulse generator; 3 – drilling string; 4 – casing pipe;5 – mud pump; 6 – derrick.


New advanced technology of cavitation pulse stimulation of oil wells 3 to 4 km in depth for well yield increase and well recovery.

The essence of the technology

The technology is based on generating high-frequency hydraulic pressure pulses in the well at the productive stratum level. The hydraulic pressure pulses have a frequency of 1,000 to 6,000 Hz and an amplitude up to 60 MPa. The hydraulic pressure pulses are generated at the outlet of the hydrodynamic device inserted into the well.


The new, unique distinction from world analogs is the use of a proprietary high-frequency pressure pulse generator without any moving or rotating parts. The high-frequency, high-amplitude pressure pulses are generated in the well using the stream energy of the fluid fed to the generator. The technology will offer a 3- to 5-fold increase in well yield.

Operational testing

Pressure pulse treatment of oil wells has been conducted. The results have shown that relatively short stratum stimulation times (60 to 120 min) suffice to obtain a 3.0- to 3.5-fold increase in well yield.

Possible users

Service and drilling companies in different countries.

Time history of the well pressure during the operation of the high-frequency pressure pulse generator. Р1 – pressure at the inlet of the high-frequency pressure pulse generator; Р2 – pressure at the generator outlet.
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