Radically new bioenergoinformational medical technology with the use of electromagnetic waves


The integrated noninvasive medical technology is intended for the early detection and correction of functional disorders in organs and tissue systems of the human body.

Essence of the technology

Diagnosis: assessment of the functional condition of all organs and tissue systems on the same scale by measuring the admittance of the bioenergy channels of the human body. Comparison of the measured energoinformational matrix with nosode-type reference ones. Making liquid-based and solid-based matrices (an energoinformational “disease imprint”) for diagnosis and therapy. Making electronic autonosodes with the use of GaAs crystals for informotherapy.

Therapy: sublow-energy targeted actions on organs (systems) of the human body via its bioenergy channels (up to 12 at a time) with millimeter-wave electromagnetic radiation with consideration for its resonance interaction with cell membranes. The energoinformational spectrum of the radiated signal can be controlled by modulating it with a specially formed signal or a signal from a nosode-type reference pharmaceutical matrix or an autonosode.


Diagnosis: noninvasivity, informativity (preclinical disease detection), high sensitivity (disease prediction), the accuracy and reproducibility of results.

Therapy:noninvasivity, harmlessness, a sublow-energy intensity and a high accuracy of action on organs (systems) of the human body with millimeter-wave signals, the possibility of acting on the vegetative nervous system to restore the innervation of organs and tissue systems.

Clinical testing

  • Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv);
  • Institute of Nephrology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv);
  • Institute of Gerontology, Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (Kyiv);
  • State Medical Academy (Dnipro).
Punctural electrographic instant diagnosis system


State Registration Certificate No 8501/2009 of the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health


Municipal Hospital No 7, Sevastopol, Ukraine;

Center for Human Body Functionality Correction, V.I. Vernadsky Tavria National University, Simferopol, Ukraine;

Biomed Treatment-and Diagnosis Center, Alchevsk, Ukraine.

Punctural electrographic instant diagnosis of the functional condition of the human body

The essence of the new approach to the diagnosis problem consists in obtaining, by appropriate measurements involving biologically active points (BAPs), radically new reliable biophysical parameters that characterize human body processes not only on the level of the intercellular (humoral) medium, but on the cellular lever as well. This, in its turn, offers not only an objective assessment of the energoinformational status of the human body (energoinformational homeostasis), but also a comprehensive picture of the functional condition of the organs and tissue systems of the human body.

Medical-biological model of the human body


The essence of the new approach to the problems of prevention and treatment of various diseases consists in purposeful action on BAPs of the acupuncture system of the human body with low-intensity millimeter-wave electromagnetic radiation to restore the unbalanced energoinformational homeostasis and enhance the compensatory and adaptive capabilities of the human body by restoring the damaged structure of the information signals generated in cells, organs, tissue systems and the human body as a whole. The purposeful introduction of significant information into the human body via its acupuncture system with the aim to enhance its compensatory and adaptive capabilities is the main objective of the proposed medical technology.

Apparatus for bioresonant information-punctural therapy

Punctural electrographic instant diagnosis and bioresonant information-punctural therapy are based on the latest advances in modern fundamental natural science in the field of the bioelectrical and functional activity of the organs, tissues and systems of the human body, on its compensatory and adaptive capabilities, and on the millenaries-old experience of Oriental medicine. It is this fact that gives a hope for the reality of the expected radical changes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases with the help of the bioenergoinformational medical technology.

Treatment dynamics monitoring (on the left – before treatment, on the right – after treatment)
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