Technology of vortex separation of fine dust from a gas flow

Essence of the technology

The use of the energy of coaxial vortex counter flows for the separation of dust particles from dust-laden flows and the development of efficient fine-dust-trapping plants on this basis. Depending on the dust type, different methods are used to control the aerodynamic activity of the vortex flows.

Current status of the technology

A laboratory vortex dust-trapping plant, on which a technique of choice of the design and operating parameters that maximize the efficiency of fine dust separation has been tried out.


To increase the efficiency of fine dust separation using vortex dust-trapping plants in place of filters, multicyclones or scrubbers employed in different industries to remove harmful dust components from air.

Field of application

The chemical industry, the woodworking industry, the iron-and-steel and the nonfer-rous-metals industry, the building metals industry, and the power industry.

Patent protection

Ukrainian Patent for Invention No 71057, in which a pre-increase in the dust concentration in the peripheral part of the inlet pipe by the mounting of a shaped central cowling upstream of the swirler is proposed. The central, less concentrated part of the dust-laden flow is directed through slot nozzles in the side surface of the hollow director cone to the peripheral part of the vortex chamber. The joint action of these improvements enhances the efficiency of the dust-trapping plant operation.


  • increased dust separation efficiency for small-fraction micron particles;
  • separation of dusts smaller than 5 micrometers with an efficiency up to 97 to 98 percent for some dust classes;
  • lower power consumption in comparison with filters and scrubbers;
  • higher recovery of dust materials;
  • lower environmental impact.


Computational and experimental substantiation of the design and operating parameters of dust-trapping plants for specific dust types; supervision of the operational development of vortex dust-trapping plants.

Schematic and overall view of laboratory vortex dust-trapping plant
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