Technologies for the manufacturing of antenna/waveguide devices and solar concentrators


Manufacturing of thin-walled an-tenna/waveguide devices and solar concentrating systems, creation of optimum antenna/waveguide structures and minimum-weight solar concentrating systems.

Essence of the technology

Multipurpose use of electroforming (current-induced crys-tallization of a metal from a supersaturated near-cathode electrolyte layer). The surface of the electrodeposit is a precise replica of that of the matrix cathode, and a large number of identical products with a high-quality reflective surface can be made.


High manufacturing accuracy, small mass, controlled uniformity of the material distribution in the electrodeposit (structural homogeneity of the material). Possibility of making complex-structure antenna/waveguide deices and solar concentrating systems, which cannot be made by other technologies. Assurance of the required strength, stiffness and longevity. The technologies fall into wasteless and energy-saving ones.

Operational testing

In the development of space antenna/waveguide devices, radio astronomy devices and solar plants.

Parabolic mirror antenna made up of antenna sections manufactured by the proposed technology for com-prehensive characterization of spaceborne antenna systems. The mirror measuring 5×6 m contains 70 trapezoidal two-layer (a reflective metal surface and its reinforcing layer) sections

Parabolic mirror antennas and solar concentrators

Diameter 0.5 – 1.6 m, variable thickness 0.2 – 0.5 mm
Parabolic solar concentrator or mirror antenna (variable thickness (2.5 – 4)·10 -4 m, diameter 1.6 m, mass 8 kg) and the apparatus to make them
Solar concentrator (made at the Institute of Technical Mechanics of the NASU and SSAU), at the Heliocenter of the Institute for Problems in Materials Science of the NASU (Katsiveli, the Crimea, Ukraine)

Waveguides of different types

Waveguides with lengthwise variable cross-section. Apparatus to make them

Cone and pyramid antennas

Cone antennas with beam-shaping ribs made by the proposed technology
Apparatus to make pyramid antennas. Antennas made by the proposed technology

Small parabolic concentrators and the apparatus to make them

Small parabolic concentrators for solar plants and the apparatus to make them. Dimensions: height (3 – 5)·10 -2 m, the smaller base is a circle of diameter(6 – 18)·10 -3 m, the larger base is a hexagon or a circle, mass 4.5 – 6 g.


Transfer of documentation for methods of manufacturing of antenna/waveguide devices and solar concentrating systems including (a) flowcharts specifying the operation sequence and operating conditions (temperature, electrolyte composition, etc.); (b) design and production documentation for products and equipment. Development of processes for the manufacturing of new complex products (seamless pipes, diaphragms, bellows, floats for oil storage metering systems).

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