Technology of granular material pneumatic transportation under increased pressure of carrying air

Department of aerogasdynamics

Head of department – Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, D.Sc., Professor V. I. Tymoshenko

Technology essence

Carrying air increased pressure (density) use for granular materials pneumatic transportation

1 – compressor
2 – pipeline
3 – loader
4 – granular material feeder
5 – discharging and separating devices
6 – air return

Features and advantages

  • hydraulic resistance and energy expenditure
  • particle motion speed at the pipeline end site
  • abrasion wear of the pipelines and running system units
  • grinding of the transported materials
  • ecological environmental load

Comparison characteristic of pneumatic transport types

Stand specification

Operating pressurefrom 0.1 to 3.3 MPa
Required power30 kW
Stand coolingwater
Total length of the linear partup to 70 m
Flow velocityup to 45 mps
Particle size of a solid phaseup to 10 mm
Volume of loaded materialup to 30 l
Volume concentration of a solid phaseup to 15%

The stand allows to operate according to open, half-closed or closed circuits with air and granulated material. On pressure level it is better then any Ukrainian and foreign equipment.

General view of the pneumatic transport stand
Box with the circulating unit
Unit for solid phase

Offered services

Calculated and experimental justification and equipment fitting that provide operation of the pneumatic transport system in accordance with specific conditions.

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