Complex of intelligent software modules for medical applications

The complex of intellectual software modules for the development of medical information systems of various purposes includes:

  1. Subject domain constructor, which creates templates for documents that describe various objects and processes of a subject domain. The principal functions of the constructor are as follows: template creation; document creation based on the template; and archived document visualization.
  2. Lexical processor, which uses wordforms of a natural (professional) language for the creation of textual descriptions of object and process characteristics and the generation of database inquiries. The lexical processor also determines risk factors for the development of threatening conditions
  3. Semantic processor, whose basic structures make it possible to form conclusions based on the semantic rules of mapping of the real significances of the factors present in a document onto a set of linguistic variables. The semantic processor also inserts calculated fields into documents and determines risk factors for the development of threatening conditions
  4. Intelligent solver, which uses the information received from the lexical and the semantic processor (risk factors) for the solution of the problems of diagnosis, prediction, and choice of the aid level (control actions) such that the threat realization probability is a minimum.

Using these modules, hospital information systems have been developed and introduced at medical centers such as the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Diagnosis Center, the Outpatient Department of Dnipropetrovsk Municipal Hospital No 2, the Medical Center of Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant, etc.

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